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My "saazon" is finally fermenting

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Man, it has been a struggle to get this beer in the fermentor. I was hoping to have it ready for the case swap this weekend but no dice. Belle Saison ferments out quickly but not 5 days quickly. Maybe it is a good thing in that I will have beer left after the the case swap.. A few photos of the process.
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My first AG saison

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I made a few kit saisons and I quite liked the style although felt something was lacking with the kit versions. This is a very simple saison recipe and hopefully the Saaz hops add a little bit of lemon zing to the spice provided from the yeast.
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Hulk Citra version 2

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Time for some tweaks to the Hulk Citra I brewed on the first run of Brewton. I will add some citra as a dry-hop to the fermentor this time.
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Weizen up Duncan

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I am going to a homebrew swap day at the end of June. I figured I would take a chance and brew a dunkel weizen which is quite a complicated beer to brew. I have never brewed one so what could go wrong. The name suggested itself and is a play on my brothers name. I am not going to sample any of the beers until the night of the swap so I hope it turns out ok.
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2nd brew on Brewton

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Today saw the 2nd brew on Brewton. I invited 2 guys from Aussie Home Brewer forum for a brew day. We made a batch of Lord Nelson APA on Brewton, and drank and heap of beers, and some brew food. Awesome day and I look forward to those 2 guys hosting a similar brew day at some point. I would love to do a combined brew day but the problem is we are all electric. I am thinking my next gen brew system will be a quasi-2 vessel system with the mashing done by Brewton, mash liquor by PID urn, and the...
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wahey, Brewton's maiden batch: Hulk Citra

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Well tonight saw the maiden batch of beer out of Brewton. A S.M.A.S.H (single malt and single hop) beer with Barret Burston Ale malt and Citra hops. Smash made me think of "Hulk Smash!!!" straight away so we have a Hulk Citra. It was going to be Hulk Cascade but I realised they were at Anna's parents place and I had some Citra in the fridge so used it instead. Everything went very well. I had to improvise the sparging a little bit as I hadn't really worked out a proper pot rest, but Grant (za...
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Grain test successful

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I milled up about 150gms of grain and did a test on my new malt pipe. I ran the pump for about 20 minutes recirculating the water up through the pipe. There was a bit of "flour" in the bottom of the pot and a few bits of grain that escaped the top filter as the hole has started expanding a bit. I will need to get a hem stitched onto the hole to prevent t getting any bigger. But looks like a success so I am planning a brew later this week to test things out. I have invited a couple of guys fro...
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Malt pipe completion?

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Well I finally knuckled down and got some solid work done on the malt pipe. I think I have a very good solution to the bottom filter and the bottom seal. I will be doing a grain test later this week to see if I have solved the problem of grain blowback during pump rests or withdrawing the malt pipe. Read on for the photos and descriptions of the assembly.
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Malt pipe is nearing completion

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Some more progress on the malt pipe. I have got the seal for the bottom working well although this now requires a major re-think. As does the bottom filtering of the grains. The holes I drilled are letting through a bit too much of the smaller crushed grains. Kath has sewn up a filter cloth for the top filter plate which is working brilliantly.
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Brewton update: malt pipe seal

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'ang on, 'ang on, I've got an idea..... So I think I have come up with a nice simple way to seal my malt pipe. I was eying off my 1/2" silicon tubing and thought, it is food grade, designed for 100 degree environment so will handle mash environment no sweat. So I have the 1/2" silicon tubing and a 8mm joining piece inside. This sealed for 10 minutes but I have to do some more work on the seal for the threaded rod. This seal broke when I was cranking on the wing-nut to clamp down the malt ...
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