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My "saazon" is finally fermenting

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Well I have finally got this beer into the fermentor. I kegged the Hulk Citra and left the fermentor in the ferment fridge to stop the yeast from going feral.

Yeast re-hydrated
Yeast has been re-hydrated and is waiting to munch on some yummy wort.

Yeast Entry point
I had to scrape an entry point for the yeast into the wort. It foams up quite a lot as I pour the wort from a decent height to encourage aeration. At some point I will get an oxygen kit to put oxygen back into the wort which is lost during boiling.

Wort inoculated
I have added the yeast and given the wort another thrashing to mix the yeast in and hopefully add a bit more oxygen into the mix

Temp control
Temp control for my ferment fridge and the beer fridge. The higher you ferment a saison, the funkier side effects you get from the yeast. I will be running this saison at 20 but it is my first all-grain saison (I've made a few kit versions) so it is a bit of an unknown at the moment. And that is the glorious beauty of homebrew. You can plan and have an idea of how the beer will turn out the first few times you brew it, but you never know what to expect.

Once you've made the same beer a few times you then start to dial in your processes and the result can be fairly consistent.

Ferment away little yeasties!!


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