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My first AG saison

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This is my 5th brew on the Brewton system and it makes things so easy. I need to nail out some software development time so it will read the mash schedule for me. Then the mash process will be hands-off.

Saison is a French style of beer and the popular story is that it was brewed by farmers as part of the salary of seasonal (hence saison) labourers picking fruit and grain. It was brewed at ambient temperature during Winter for the labourers in Spring. Yeast plays an important factor in this beer and everything else takes a back seat to the esters produced during higher than normal ferment temperatures. I will start this one off at 20 degrees and then ramp it up to 25 degrees to see what that does.

On with some pics:

Mash In

Mash in. This always starts off fairly cloudy and murky until the grain bed is formed and starts filtering out the smaller particles.

Temp Record

Where my software shines is temperature control. You get the temperature of the mash at certain readings to activate different enzymes. So temp control is quite important. You can see in the graph that the set temp is 63 degrees and the actual temp generally ranges from 62.95 to 63.05 which is well with-in error margins.

Clear mash

Once the grain bed is set it filters out the smaller particles and the mash really clears up. This is about 15 minutes in. I always do a little jog when seeing how clear the wort is.

Hop cone
The remains of the hops and proteins that have fallen out of the mash. I don't want this crap in my beer. :-)

The wort cubed and waiting for space in the fermenting fridge so it can be turned into delicious saison beer.

APA kegged
I also kegged an APA I brewed a few weeks ago. I am going to make some improvements to the filtering process as it took me about 1.5 hours. At the cost of a little CO2 I am going to force filter my next batch.

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