Monday , July , 16 2018

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Weizen up Duncan

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The third brew on Brewton was a dunkel weizen, which requires a fairly complicated mashing schedule: 6 temperature points and different times at each temperature. Luckily the software I have developed makes it fairly easy to set the temperatures and I just had to sit with a stop-watch to record the time intervals. Eventually my software will manage mash times, rest periods, etc and I just need to feed a beer recipe into the software. But that is a way down the track.

Everything seemed to work out ok and my yeast starter ended up fermenting out of control and blowing out of the glad wrap. Apparently the yeast I used (Wyeast 3068) has a habit of fermenting like crazy. Ended up fermenting out in 5 days which is a new record for me. I have bottled them and they are sitting in boxes waiting for transport to the swap day.

Dunkel mashNice clear mash of the dunkel.


And here is shot of the lava flow of the yeast puking.


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