Monday , July , 16 2018

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wahey, Brewton's maiden batch: Hulk Citra

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Well tonight saw the maiden batch of beer out of Brewton. A S.M.A.S.H (single malt and single hop) beer with Barret Burston Ale malt and Citra hops. Smash made me think of "Hulk Smash!!!" straight away so we have a Hulk Citra. It was going to be Hulk Cascade but I realised they were at Anna's parents place and I had some Citra in the fridge so used it instead.

Everything went very well. I had to improvise the sparging a little bit as I hadn't really worked out a proper pot rest, but Grant (zapper on AHB forum) had come over to grab 2 spare pot lids and helped me arrange things.


Mashing setup.
I've got a towel on top to help trap in some heat. My PID code worked really well, although I might have to make some adjustments to the code when mashing out as the higher the temp gets, the bigger the gap between target and actual temp.
Recirculation during mash just started. You can see that it is very cloudy and barely able to see the top filter plate.
It's getting a little bit clearer now
It's getting a little bit clearer now
It's getting a little bit clearer now

Man that wort is clear. Beautiful!!
Extremely ghetto malt pipe stand. I had forgotten about this aspect and thought of something on the fly whilst mashing.
Citra in my hop sock.
Man, Citra smells good!!!!
Malt pipe after sparging. It was a bit of a tight fit with 5.5kgs in the malt pipe but I reckon I could fit some more grain in there. Maybe another 400gms or so. I think 6kgs would be pushing the friendship.
10gms Citra cube hop
yum yum.
I'll probably keg hop this as well.
ha ha....
The workstation.
Someone on AHB suggested it looked like R2 D2 and I think he is right. Maybe I should go for a name change????
24 litres of Hulk Citra!
Angus smash!! (when it is kegged and carbed....


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