Monday , July , 16 2018

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Shelving in the shed

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Well after a couple of solid weeks of work and organising, the shed is pretty much done. I have a few little projects that I want to get done, but the majority of the work is completed.

Got the 2 new shelves in, and the stud wall up with storage for garden tools and whipper snipper, and heap of trays for odds-and-sods.

Here are some pictures. I haven't actually attached anything to the shed walls so I am going to silicon the bottom joins on the walls and it be a little more dirt-tight. The previous shed had holes all through the walls where various people had attached things to the wall. I am hoping to avoid that with my shelves and walls.

I also spent a long time organising the previous shelves. I've gone through the boxes and with a lot of help from Anna have organised everything. And it is all labelled and organised.

  Master and apprentice constructing the smaller shelves
   Shelves and wall studs installed in the shed
  Wall with the fibro sheeting attached.
  Storage hooks and panels installed.
Some handy baskets installed on end of larger shelves.

Next big project is to get the side-paving done. Will dig in the treated pine border this weekend and get the levels sorted out, weed the area and then spray it with used engine oil (apparently a deadly weed killer) and then cover it in builders plastic to try and prevent weeds coming through. Then get the fill material and start laying the pavers. Hopefully get it done in 2 weekends.


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