Monday , July , 16 2018

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Shed stuff: peg-board

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In the search for creating as much storage space in our little shed as possible I am building a peg-board with 3 areas and will build on some doors with peg-board on the inside to store things. I finished building the frame-work out of non-structural pine last night.

So all three frames will  have peg-board recessed back as as far as possible. I will then build some doors for the 2 outside areas. This will have ply on the outside and then pegboard recessed into the inside.
The 2 sections of peg-board will face each other and should have plenty of room for the tools in between. The left hand side door may have peg-board on the outside to hang some garden tools on, but I will look at that when I have built the doors and look at the strength of the doors and hinges

Working with non-structural pine I have had to lower my quality expectations. It is fairly hard to find pieces which aren't warped or damaged near knots in the wood. But at this stage I would just be wasting money on better wood whilst I am learning.

Stray tuned. I hope to have the peg-board finished this weekend time permitting.

PS: love my new circular saw. Cut up the timber in about 6 minutes. I will need to work out a saw table or something to get nice neat vertical cuts and I have a plan for that as well.

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