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The Outlander is home

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We picked up our new Outlander last night. The dealership rang yesterday morning and said it was ready a day early. I left work early and we went and picked it up. So smooth and quiet compared to the Mazda. I'll miss driving the Mazda though. Such a nice little sporty car. I hope it serves Anna's sister as well as it has us.
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My "saazon" is finally fermenting

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Man, it has been a struggle to get this beer in the fermentor. I was hoping to have it ready for the case swap this weekend but no dice. Belle Saison ferments out quickly but not 5 days quickly. Maybe it is a good thing in that I will have beer left after the the case swap.. A few photos of the process.
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The Grants go to Sea World

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Despite me being a whinging bastard we went to Sea World as our annual theme park passes expire at the end of June. The car-park was completely packed out with us parking pretty much as far away as possible. Despite the number of cars the park itself wasn't all that bad and the lines were pretty good. So it ended up with me being a whingy bastard for no reason and we all had a good time.
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My first AG saison

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I made a few kit saisons and I quite liked the style although felt something was lacking with the kit versions. This is a very simple saison recipe and hopefully the Saaz hops add a little bit of lemon zing to the spice provided from the yeast.
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We bought an Outlander

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What? Yep, we bought an Outlander. Really? Yep, we bought an Outlander
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