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Hamish's 2nd birthday

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Man, how time flies. Hamish is 2 years old today and we are having a small family party for him. We gave him some presents in the morning and then he got more presents when the family came over in the afternoon.
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Gus and Hamish head out to Movie World

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Today I took Hamish to Movie World. he had fun last time on the rides but that was about 6 months ago. We had a blast today and we had lots of fun. He was very tired but still didn't sleep on the way home.
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Anna and Ralph at the rugby

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I have had Reds membership for the last few years and finally managed to bring Anna along for a game. Ralph came along as well as Chris couldn't attend the game so gave me his spare tickets. Anna and Ralph enjoyed the game but unfortunately didn't bring the Reds any luck losing to the Rebels.
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Hulk Citra version 2

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Time for some tweaks to the Hulk Citra I brewed on the first run of Brewton. I will add some citra as a dry-hop to the fermentor this time.
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Weizen up Duncan

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I am going to a homebrew swap day at the end of June. I figured I would take a chance and brew a dunkel weizen which is quite a complicated beer to brew. I have never brewed one so what could go wrong. The name suggested itself and is a play on my brothers name. I am not going to sample any of the beers until the night of the swap so I hope it turns out ok.
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Hamish's first concert

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Anna had purchased tickets to the roving Play School concerts quite a while ago for Hamish. Due to her being at home with James I ended up taking him. He had an absolute blast and enjoyed the whole thing. We had a bit of a water accident after the concert and it looked like he had weed his pants.
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