Sunday , September , 23 2018

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Welcome to James Ewan

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Today saw us welcome our second son James Ewan into the world. After a somewhat eventful labour we returned to our rooms with our new son. Weighing in at 3.1 kgs and 50 cms long he has quickly expanded from these stats.
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Side paving

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We have had a dirt hole out the side of the unit for quite a while. I dug up all the grass, tree roots, and did a basic levelling of the dirt in preparation of re-using the pavers from the old patio. But funds were a bit short and it took quite a while to get around to getting the road base, bedding sand, and time to get the paving done.
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2nd brew on Brewton

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Today saw the 2nd brew on Brewton. I invited 2 guys from Aussie Home Brewer forum for a brew day. We made a batch of Lord Nelson APA on Brewton, and drank and heap of beers, and some brew food. Awesome day and I look forward to those 2 guys hosting a similar brew day at some point. I would love to do a combined brew day but the problem is we are all electric. I am thinking my next gen brew system will be a quasi-2 vessel system with the mashing done by Brewton, mash liquor by PID urn, and the...
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wahey, Brewton's maiden batch: Hulk Citra

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Well tonight saw the maiden batch of beer out of Brewton. A S.M.A.S.H (single malt and single hop) beer with Barret Burston Ale malt and Citra hops. Smash made me think of "Hulk Smash!!!" straight away so we have a Hulk Citra. It was going to be Hulk Cascade but I realised they were at Anna's parents place and I had some Citra in the fridge so used it instead. Everything went very well. I had to improvise the sparging a little bit as I hadn't really worked out a proper pot rest, but Grant (za...
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