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Shelving in the shed

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Well after a couple of solid weeks of work and organising, the shed is pretty much done. I have a few little projects that I want to get done, but the majority of the work is completed. Got the 2 new shelves in, and the stud wall up with storage for garden tools and whipper snipper, and heap of trays for odds-and-sods. Next big project is to get the side-paving done. Will dig in the treated pine border this weekend and get the levels sorted out, weed the area and then spray it with used en...
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Grain test successful

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I milled up about 150gms of grain and did a test on my new malt pipe. I ran the pump for about 20 minutes recirculating the water up through the pipe. There was a bit of "flour" in the bottom of the pot and a few bits of grain that escaped the top filter as the hole has started expanding a bit. I will need to get a hem stitched onto the hole to prevent t getting any bigger. But looks like a success so I am planning a brew later this week to test things out. I have invited a couple of guys fro...
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Malt pipe completion?

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Well I finally knuckled down and got some solid work done on the malt pipe. I think I have a very good solution to the bottom filter and the bottom seal. I will be doing a grain test later this week to see if I have solved the problem of grain blowback during pump rests or withdrawing the malt pipe. Read on for the photos and descriptions of the assembly.
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Upstairs floor repair

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For quite a long time the upstairs floor has been very creaky. So the time had come to repair the floor. I pulled back the carpets and let fly with a bunch of screws and my electric drill
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Shed wall and shelves

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Some more work on the shelves in the shed. I have been contemplating how to build maximum storage into our little garden shed. I need some space for my grain drums, but I'd also like to get the whipper-snipper and garden tools hung up out of the way. And then there is a bunch of stuff that needs to be stored out of the way until I get to them or need them (mid-term projects) And I'm working in a 2m * 2m garden shed. Read on on for my solution.
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