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Epic brew weekend

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Well this weekend I managed to look after our little fellow for the weekend while Anna had the weekend away with her friends. I also managed to knock out 23L of Dr Smurto's Golden Ale and 23L of Lord Nelson American Pale Ale. The Lord Nelson is the beer I had at Hamish' first b'day which got finished on the day so I never really got to savour it so I'm looking forward to getting it on keg and seeing how it matures over time. Read on for some photos of the brew day yesterday.
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My first Belgian Tripel

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I have tasted a few Belgian Tripels and they are a beer to be respected. Normally very high in alcohol percentage and (this one will be around 8.5%) quite high in malt flavours and very little hop flavour coming through. It requires about 8kgs of grain which is pushing my brew rig to its maximum. Will be interesting to see how my efficiency (conversion of grain to sugar) goes. Efficiency normally suffers a bit with bigger grain bills. So I may end up under-shooting the 1.079 gravity (amount o...
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Garden shed and shelves

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Ralph and I have completed building our new garden shed. What a complete mess. Nothing matches up in the shed. What is supposed to take 4 hours has actually taken us about 14 hours. Re-drilling every hole, doors not mounting properly, parts mis-labelled, etc, etc. A pretty frustrating experience really. I am yet to send the company an email but it won't be a very positive email. I also built some 900mm deep shelves. I could only find 400 or 600 mm deep shelves for sale. The shelves I built ar...
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