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Pegboard installed

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Well I now have the peg-board installed in the shed. Looking good. Although I am a little afraid I have given myself a new OCD hobby. I still have some 2/3 doors to build and mount to the front to increase storage, but looking good so far.
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Shed stuff: peg-board

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In the search for creating as much storage space in our little shed as possible I am building a peg-board with 3 areas and will build on some doors with peg-board on the inside to store things. I finished building the frame-work out of non-structural pine last night. Read on for a picture
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Brewton update: malt pipe seal

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'ang on, 'ang on, I've got an idea..... So I think I have come up with a nice simple way to seal my malt pipe. I was eying off my 1/2" silicon tubing and thought, it is food grade, designed for 100 degree environment so will handle mash environment no sweat. So I have the 1/2" silicon tubing and a 8mm joining piece inside. This sealed for 10 minutes but I have to do some more work on the seal for the threaded rod. This seal broke when I was cranking on the wing-nut to clamp down the malt ...
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