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Maintaining temperature testing

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Well now comes the hard part: tuning the PID library. PID is a method of controlling processes whereby you apply different levels of input "power" to a process to achieve a certain target. It allows you to control the "acceleration" and "braking" of the process. The closer the system gets to the target value, the less acceleration it applies. Think of it as somewhat like cruise control on a car. Read on for some photos
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Temp probe install

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Well it seems things are ticking along fairly well. I have now completed my temp probe installation. After much umming and ahhing: should I install it on the top of malt pipe, in bottom of main pot priotruding into the malt pipe, just sittign in outside liquid of main vessel I took some of Big Nath's advice on AHB and installed it in the main pipe. The mash liquid is always going to be recirculating and the liqiud spilling over the malt pipe down onto the element will be the coolest liquid in th...
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Domed lid construction

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Well after a fair bit of mucking around with insulation, silicon pads, etc, etc I came to the conclusion that my pot size was too wide for a 2400W element to get a good rolling boil. A friend told me about a kitchen warehouse place (on the corner of Tooheys road and Evans Road in Moorooka in Brisbane). Went there and they had one remaining SS pot (although very thin) in the exact size I needed. And for the princely sum of $15 including 15% discount). 15 minutes later I have a domed lid to impro...
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