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Boil Controller

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I did some more work on the boil controller software. I will do a few extract brews whilst finishing off the main vessel to work out the bugs. Controller will fire the heating element to boil the water and once boiling I can add the extract and initial bittering hops. Read the article for a screenshot.
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"You can over-capatilise"

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In the words of Darryl Kerrigan, "you can over-capatilise". So I have take a break from the computer side and done some manufacturing. I have installed the 2400W heating element, 3 piece stainless ball-valve, and the thermowell for my temp probe. All seems to be leak-proof so I can move onto building the electronic box for the heating element. I have not quite worked out how I am going to earth the pot. I am thinking I will attach the earth wire from the power cord to the thermowell and earth...
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very rough prototype

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I have a very rough working prototype, but it needs some tweaks before really calling it a working prototype. Initial overshoot on ramping temperature is about 8 degrees on a 60 degree target and then maintaining temps over-shoots by 4 degrees or so. I have a sample C# PID library which should help with achieving stable temps around the target. It also comes with a nice little graphing library so that will be a nice little visual aid for the console. Anyways, read on for some pictures.
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